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When it comes to buying used trucks in Alberta, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. That's why we at Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Ltd have compiled this helpful list of 12 tips to pay attention to when purchasing your next used heavy truck.


1. Find Out Why It's For Sale



You want to know if you're in for fixing existing or potential issues, so feel free to ask the current owner why they're selling. If it's just for an upgrade, you're good to go


2. Review the Maintenance History


Don't just take the owner's word for it, however. Request the maintenance history to get an idea of how frequent oil changes are, if regular tune-ups have been performed, and if any parts have been replaced.


3. Understand the Accident History


While reviewing the Maintenance History, ask about any accidents. You'll want to know what kind of accidents and collisions the truck has been involved in, how extensive the damage was, and what parts were replaced as a result.


4. Research the Engine Model


Look up the engine model and do some research. Some models have a known history of chronic problems, some wear out after a certain period of time or mileage.


5. Perform an Exterior Inspection


Carefully inspect the quality of the truck, checking for body rust and raised spots on the paint. Look for possible body damage while you're at it. Be sure to inspect the truck outdoors in full light.


6. Take Mileage into Consideration


Having researched the engine model, you'll have a good idea of the mileage point an engine rebuilt may be required. Consider your own use for the truck. If you'll be putting a lot of your own miles on it, you'll want a truck with low mileage. However, if a truck has been well cared for, it will still have a lot of life left in it even with higher mileage.


7. Don't Forget to Check the Tires


While you're busy inspecting the truck, take a look at the tires for wear and tear. Ask how many miles have been put on the current tires.


8. Choose the Best Axle Layouts


Know what axle layout and configuration you'll need and ensure that the used truck you're looking at has the one that's right for you.


9. Know What Horsepower, Towing Capacity, and Transmission You'll Need


Ask about the truck's towing capacity to ensure it'll meet your requirements for how you'll be using it. Transmissions often come down to personal preference, so make sure it has what you're after.


10. Ask an Expert


If you're not comfortable performing inspections or assessing the mechanics of the truck on your own, see if your mechanic will come along with you for the inspection.


11. Source Replacement Parts and Budget for Them


Know what parts you'll need to replace and find the right supplier for them. From there, make a list to determine how much everything will cost, and how much other replacement parts will cost down the line.


12. Know When to Say No


If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If anything looks suspicious or the seller is cagey about providing maintenance records, walk away. Don't waste your money on a used truck you can't properly evaluate.

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