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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
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Stoughton Trailers Edmonton AB

Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton offers a wide variety of solutions including, dry vans, livestock trailers, refrigerated trailers, grain trailers, chassis, and their revolutionary Z-Plate vans built with composite laminate panels. Attention to detail makes Stoughton trailers the most durable, dependable, and versatile semi-truck trailers on the road today. All Stoughton trailers, manufactured after November of 2016, also come equipped with Stoughton's new patent-pending rear underride guard. The guard resists compartmental intrusion and provides better protection to other vehicles in the event of a collision with the rear of the trailer.

Dry Van Solutions

Stoughton offers a wide variety of Dry Van products, including tough plate, aluminum sheet and post, drop frame, extra-wide, and their revolutionary Z-Plate composite trailers.

Z-Plate Composite Trailers

Z-Plate composite trailers feature patented poly-laminate panels manufactured using an epoxy coating inside and a galvanized steel skin on the outside. This construction offers superior durability for the most demanding applications. Stoughton's Z-Plate panel design also allows for easy panel replacement without removing adjoining panels, and therefore more time on the road.

Tough Plate Trailers

Stoughton's Tough Plate configuration employs an integral "tough plate" in the lower region of the side wall to help reduce water intrusion and the scuffing that commonly occurs with loading and unloading.

Aluminum Sheet and Post Trailers

One of the most durable trailers on the road today, Stoughton's model AV - a smooth side aluminum sheet and post dry van - offers exceptional cost savings. The Stoughton AV has the ability to go further and haul more at one of the industry's lowest costs per kilometer.

Drop Frame Trailers

Stoughton makes drop frame trailers in both Sheet & Post or Z Plate construction. Available models come with either a twelve or eighteen-inch drop for extra capacity. Stoughton drop frame trailers also have their tires spaced further apart to allow for a rear landing gear option, if needed. Stoughton offers its drop frame trailers with a full complement of options, as well.

Extra Wide Trailers

At 256-centimeters wider than standard width trailers, the Stoughton Extra Wide Hi-Cube Aluminum Van boasts an additional 3-cubic metres of cargo space and over 114-cubic metres cargo room in total. Thanks to extruded HDPE liner panels between posts, the Stoughton Extra Wide Hi-Cube Aluminum Van offers maximum protection from careless loading, as well as easy, efficient load control. The industry's most rugged reinforced rear door-frames also help prevent racking on the extra-wide trailer. Stoughton's exclusive baked-on epoxy primer and finish add years of protection against damage from the elements.

Non Dry Van Solutions

Stoughton also manufactures refrigerated trailers, grain trailers, and livestock trailers. Stoughton Grain Trailers come in capacities ranging from nine-hundred, up to fifteen-hundred-and-fifty bushels. Stoughton's PureBlue refrigerated trailer offers more thermal efficiency, lighter weight, and better protection from the elements than the competition. Lighter, more fuel-efficient, and rugged enough to handle the toughest loads, Stoughton livestock trailers come in a variety of models. Stoughton also makes some of the highest quality and most dependable chassis on the road today.