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6 Essential Reasons to Buy Travel Trailer Insurance

6 Essential Reasons to Buy Travel Trailer Insurance

After spending many thousands of dollars on your dream travel trailer, buying insurance for it might not be the first thing on your mind. After all, if your trailer is damaged in an accident, it will usually be covered by your regular car insurance.

There's also no law that says you need to buy a separate policy, so why take on the extra expense? Here are six reasons why a specialist trailer insurance policy is more important thanĀ  you might think.


1) Towing Costs

If you're involved in an accident which badly damages your travel trailer, you may not be able to tow it away from the scene yourself. A dedicated trailer insurance policy will cover the costs of removal to a repair shop or to your home, while your standard car policy probably won't. This is a vital benefit to consider if you regularly spend time long distances away from your home base, when towing costs could be significant.


travel trailer

2) Weather Damage

A trailer insurance policy will also cover damage caused by extreme weather such as hailstorms or heavy winds. These so-called acts of God are often not covered under standard car insurance policies, but can cause serious and expensive damage to your trailer.


3) Theft and Vandalism Cover

If your trailer is broken into or damaged by vandalism, a dedicated policy will cover the repair expenses. What's more, you can also arrange coverage for your personal possessions and internal facilities, providing the same level of protection as a standard home insurance policy. Car insurance will usually have a low limit on the claimable value of possessions.



4) Emergency Repairs

Not all problems with your trailer are caused by accidents or incidents. If your generator fails while you're on the road, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. A good trailer insurance policy will cover these kinds of emergency repairs, getting you back up and running as soon as possible.


5) Uninsured and Under-insured Coverage

You may be involved in an accident which was caused by another driver. In these cases, you can't rely on the third party to have enough coverage to protect your trailer, and their insurer may even refuse to pay out. Comprehensive trailer insurance policies will pay for any and all damage, whoever was at fault.


6) Straightforward Claims Process

Lastly, if you need to make a claim, the last thing you need is the extra hassle of explaining your trailer needs to your car insurer. Most regular auto claims handlers won't be too experienced in what trailer coverage involves, and this can greatly increase the chances of a claim being delayed or even denied. With a trailer insurance policy, you'll have complete peace of mind that you're covered.

Insuring your travel trailer might not be a legal necessity. But if you need to make a claim, you'll be glad you have a comprehensive trailer policy rather than relying on any other insurance. Speak to your insurance agent for full details on choosing a policy, but as your Edmonton trailer experts we'll be happy to offer any help or advice we can, on this or any other trailer topic.


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