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Drop Deck Trailer: Ownership vs. Rental

Drop Deck Trailer: Ownership vs. Rental

A drop deck trailer is a critical piece of equipment for business owners who need to transport large or heavy loads frequently. However, the question of whether to rent or buy used tanker trailers in Edmonton is a crucial one.


This article aims to help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option so you can make an informed decision. 



Purchasing a drop deck trailer has its benefits and drawbacks, including:


Benefits of Buying

  • Lower cost in the long run: Although buying a drop deck trailer requires an upfront investment, the overall cost, in the long run, will be less than renting. Whether you purchase a used or new trailer, the cost will be significantly lower than renting.
  • Freedom for use: Owning a trailer gives you the freedom to use it to trail anything you want to anywhere you want. Many rental agreements limit the trailer’s usage and mileage.
  • Better for long-term use: Buying the equipment is ideal for individuals who plan to use the drop deck trailer for constant, long-term use.


Drawbacks of Buying

  • Maintenance: As the owner of the trailer, all maintenance becomes your responsibility. Thus, it is essential to consider the cost of maintenance when creating a budget for the purchase.
  • Credit requirements: For individuals who want to finance a new trailer, there are specific credit requirements that they must meet. This can be a limiting factor for those with bad credit.
  • Upfront costs: In most cases, purchasing a drop deck trailer will require a down payment, which requires upfront capital. If you are a business or individual with limited cash, renting might be a better short-term solution.




Renting a drop deck trailer has its benefits and drawbacks, including:


Benefits of Renting:

  • Easy and hassle-free: Renting a trailer is an ideal solution when you need it for a project immediately. Picking up a rental is quick and easy, and you can drive away with the trailer within minutes and get to work.
  • No credit score needed: Some rentals don’t require a specific rating or credit score. It makes renting a trailer a great option when your credit score is a concern, or you do not want to take on any new debt that can affect your credit score.
  • Low upfront investment: When cash is tight, renting a drop deck trailer is a great solution. Rental agreements can be for short-term use and won’t require a hefty down payment like purchasing one.
  • Zero maintenance requirements: When you rent a trailer, all maintenance costs fall on the rental company. Thus, you can use the best quality machinery and equipment without stressing about the long-term maintenance cost.


Drawbacks of Renting:

  • Expensive over time: Renting a trailer is a great choice for a short-term job. However, it is not ideal for long-term use, and you will eventually spend significantly more on a rental than purchasing it.
  • No money back: Unlike a purchase, where your monthly payments eventually earn you complete trailer ownership, renting does not provide any return on your investment other than the use of the equipment. When you buy a trailer, you have the chance to sell it later, recouping some of your costs.
  • Restrictions on use: Rental contracts sometimes limit how you can use the equipment. Hence, renting is not ideal for long-distance hauls.


Ensure You Make An Informed Choice By Getting Expert Advice


After evaluating the above key advantages and disadvantages, your decision to buy or rent a drop deck trailer will depend on your business needs and your budget restrictions. Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do I need the trailer for long-term use? If so, purchasing the trailer is probably the better option. 
  • Do I need the trailer for a quick, one-time job? If so, then renting is highly recommended.


To purchase or rent a drop deck trailer, it's crucial to locate a trusted partner that provides you with the tools to make an informed decision. It’s highly recommended that the dealer has an after-sales service with a good track record of being reliable and honoring service agreements, including only stocking industry-certified parts and quality guaranteed refurbished equipment. 


Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Ltd.: About Us


For over two decades, Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Ltd. has provided exceptional service to western Canada's transportation industry. As a full-service dealership with locations in Edmonton and Grande Prairie, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet all of your transportation needs. 


Our dealership sells, services, rents, and finances equipment from industry leaders, including DoepkerTrailers, Lazer Inox, Trail King Industries, WolfTanks, CJ Trailers, Tankcon FRP, and many more. 


Pre-approved Comprehensive Financing


Our financial tool suite will give you a precise analysis of the most financially feasible option between buying and renting. Our Trailer financing solutions are innovative and flexible and can be personalized into complete all-inclusive packages that include insurance, extended warranties, insurance and disability benefits, service plans, and warranties on your purchase that are the most competitive rates! 


We’ll ensure you get a complete package that covers insurance and disability benefits and extended warranties on all our equipment available for hauling whatever you need on gravel, ice, construction, heavy haul, logging, and construction.


We maintain one of the largest inventories of rigged equipment, which provides turnkey solutions for all businesses and personalized designs with competitive all-inclusive volume discounts for the largest fleets. 



Rentals and Lease-to-Own Options

Our rental division, Advantage Trailer Rentals, offers flexible solutions for your short or long-term equipment needs, with daily, weekly, or monthly rates. Alternatively, we can help you with our rent-to-own and lease options for the most modern rental fleets in Western Canada.


Building Long-term Relationships

We’re committed to after-sales service and building a long-term successful relationship by making sure you have access to our used trailers for sale Edmonton experts will help you select the best pre-owned rigging equipment and used trailers from our vast certified quality pre-owned hauling inventory at reduced rates to ensure you stay within budget and continue to be profitable in a challenging economy. 


Commitment to After-care Service and Repairs

Furthermore, we provide you with two premier service facilities that offer all types of repairs and a large selection of in-stock parts, and we strive to get your equipment back and your business operational as soon as possible. Our two premier service facilities offer all types of repairs and a large selection of in-stock parts, and we strive to get your equipment back and your business operational as soon as possible.


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