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Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Guide to Buying a used Rig

Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing Guide to Buying a used Rig

Driving a truck for a living can be a lucrative job. One of the larger purchases of this business is the truck. If you can find a decent used rig, then you stand to make great savings. However, you don't want to end up with a truck that will be more trouble than it's worth. So, how do you know you're getting the right truck? What can you do to ensure you get a valuable used rig? Here is a handy checklist for buying a used rig:



Have A Goal In Mind

Don't just go out searching for "a truck" without knowing what you are looking for. Chances are you may end up with more or less of a rig than you need. Or you may get a truck that doesn't exactly line up to your requirements. In addition, you may get the wrong specs if you don't know just what you need in a truck.


Get The Important Info

It's critical to know what is essential in a truck before you go. You don't want to get a truck with a half a million miles on it for sure. You need to make sure to collect vital information about the truck before making any final decisions. Some of the information that is relevant includes:

  • Maintenance records
  • Oil change frequency
  • Where was the vehicle serviced?
  • What parts may need to be replaced soon?
  • Condition of the tire tread
  • Check out the rear ends, suspension, wiring, drive train, and transmission
  • Did the engine have any problems, and if so, what type?
  • What is the general history of this type of engine?



Go To A Reputable Dealer

If you don't know who owned the truck, then it's crucial to go to a reputable dealer. This will ensure you get a rig you can trust. A well-established truck dealer will keep good records about the truck and will usually offer a brief warranty on some things. Another plus of going with a dealer is that they will have financing to help pay for the truck.



Check Out Extended Warranty Options

You never know what options you have unless you ask. Some places will offer an extended warranty for not too much. It is worth looking into the added cost and weighing the pros and cons.



Watch Out For Low-Value Trucks

Some trucks are of low quality, which means they don't have a good resale value. They aren't really made to last an extremely long time either. You can find out if the truck you are looking for is one of these by researching. If there are an extremely high number of these exact trucks for a relatively low price, then chances are it's a "budget" truck and one you don't want.



Do Your Research

When it comes down to it, the best thing you can do is research in advance, so you'll be prepared. Buying a used rig will save you a lot of money, but it's also a risk if you don't know much about the owner of the truck.

To get in touch with a reputable truck sales company by contacting Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing today!

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