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Four of the Best Logging Trucks to Buy in 2020

Four of the Best Logging Trucks to Buy in 2020

Logging trucks need to be a cut above the standard heavy duty highway truck. Their typical working conditions mean they need stronger suspension, less flex, higher clearance, and a better ability to cope with steep and slippery gradients.
Even the strongest highway trucks aren't usually up to the job, aging quickly under the strain even if they have the raw engine power for the loads they'll carry. So if you're looking for a logging truck that'll last the distance, here are four of the best choices available to buy in 2020.

1) Western Star Logging

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Western Star trucks are specifically formulated for heavy duty tasks that go way beyond the typical highway use. Their Logging range is available with a variety of engine choices, but the star of the show is probably the Detroit DD16, producing up to 600 horsepower with an aggressive torque of fully 2050lb-ft.
If you need to haul a couple of hundred thousand pounds of logs in challenging conditions, Western Star is the truck brand you need.

2) Kenworth T800

The Kenworth T800 is a real workhorse of a truck, boasting the strength and versatility to handle the toughest logging tasks. The 12.9L Paccar MX13 engine produces up to 510 horsepower and a mammoth 1850lb-ft of torque, giving the raw performance capability a true logging truck needs.
However, this power is also tightly focused by a transmission featuring 13 forward and three reverse gears, giving real flexibility over all kinds of terrains and gradients. When your business relies on the reliable power to shift heavy loads with ease, the Kenworth T800 won't disappoint.

3) Peterbilt 367

The Peterbilt 367 is a versatile heavy duty performer which can take on all rugged vocational tasks including logging. As with the Kenworth, the 367 is built around the 510hp Paccar MX13 engine, and there's no doubt that the truck has the raw power to deliver.
However, what really marks the Peterbilt out as special is the close attention paid to safety, visibility, and comfort, making this a great truck to work with in wilderness areas. Examples of this approach include the downward sloping hood plus pod-mounted halogen headlights which make visibility a breeze, whatever the conditions.

4) Mack Granite

The Mack Granite range is powered by either an 11.0L MP7 engine producing up to 405 horsepower, or a much meatier MP8 13.0L mill pushing out 505 hp and 1860lb-ft of torque. When the more powerful engine is paired with the mDrive 14-speed automated manual transmission, the result is a smooth-driving truck capable of a GVW of 92,000+ and a GCW of 80,000+.
Couple this to Mack's legendary toughness, and you've got a solid and dependable mainstay of the log hauling industry, often found making up the foundation of entire company logging fleets.
Whatever your hauling needs, you'll find both trucks and trailers at our Edmonton logging trucks dealership. Call in to arrange a test drive of any heavy duty truck in our inventory, or to get our expert advice on choosing the ideal logging truck for your business.



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