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How to Pick the Right Trailer for Your Cargo

How to Pick the Right Trailer for Your Cargo

Whether you are pulling a massive load of cargo or a smaller load, you need the right kind of trailer to accommodate it. You may not think that the trailer makes all that big of a difference, but it's an integral part of safely getting your cargo where you want it. When considering how to choose the right trailer for your load, it's crucial first to take a look at what you want to transport. Are you trying to move some lawn equipment from one place to another, or do you want to transport your ATV to a new location to ride? Or maybe you have a backhoe that needs to be transported to the job. The type of trailer you use will make a difference. Let's take a look at a few different kinds of cargo and what the best trailer is for each one.


Lawn Mowers And Other Small Equipment

Riding mowers such as a Zero-Turns are quite substantial in weight and size, which means you'll want a trailer that can handle this size. Both open and enclosed trailers will work well for mowers. If you opt for the enclosed trailer, you won't need to unload each evening when you return, but they do cost a bit more.
Either 16- or 18-foot tandem axle trailers should allow you enough room for the mower and extra equipment if needed.


Edmonton Trailer Doepker Trailer



Riding the hills and back roads may be your weekend pleasure, and you'll need something to transport your ATV to your favourite spot. You'll only need tie-downs on an unenclosed trailer to ensure the safety of your ATV. Steel single axle 12-foot and 14-foot trailers are usually the perfect sizes. Get a trailer with ramps in the rear and side for added convenience. Another option is aluminum axle 16-foot and 18-foot trailers with ramps. The aluminum is more lightweight, which some people prefer.



Usually, if you're transporting a car, it's because it's a collector's item or it's a race car going to the track. Whatever the reason, you need it to be protected. A closed car trailer is an excellent choice because it will protect from the stones and debris on the highway. However, if you do opt for the open trailer, you can get a stone guard.
You'll also want a trailer with ramps and a deck that tilts.


Heavy Equipment

If you're in the business to move heavy equipment, such as bobcats and skid steers, then you'll need something that can manage the added weight. You'll also need to ensure your vehicle has the proper towing capacity. Open trailers are popular for this type of equipment and one with a tandem axle.



The small size of a motorcycle means you won't need a wide trailer. The primary considerations for this trailer are that you have tie-downs to steady the front tire. D-rings and e-track are useful for this type of cargo.

Whatever type of load you have, leave it to Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing. We have plenty of options. Stop by and select your trailer today!

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