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Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Heavy & Light Duty Trucks

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Heavy & Light Duty Trucks

Here at Edmonton Trailer, we understand that many of you running commercial trailers have been affected by coronavirus. Whether you've been forced to suspend your operation temporarily or are still working, it's important to continue with preventative maintenance to ensure your heavy and light duty trucks are running at their best. That's why we've compiled this preventative maintenance checklist to ensure your fleet is always ready when you need it.


Daily Checks

Maintenance Checklist for Trucks

Here's a list of things you or your drivers should be doing each day to ensure the trucks stay in great shape:

-Engine oil levels - ensure the oil is topped up but keep an eye out for how much it's using.

-Coolant levels - refill as needed and keep an eye on it like you would for oil levels. 

-Fluid leaks - ensure no fluid is leaking on the ground.

-Tires - check the wear as well as the pressure and signs of visible damage. 

-Belts and hoses - makes sure belts and hoses are not too loose and have no cracks or weak spots.

-Body, glass, and mirrors - check for damage that might cause problems when driving, as well as checking the glass and mirrors for chips and cracks.

-Horn - make sure the horn is working correctly. 

-Seat belts and seat structure - make sure the seat is secure and there is no wear or fraying on seat belts. 

-Windshield wiper system - make sure the wipers are working properly and that the fluid is topped up.

-Brakes: basic - make sure the brakes are working properly and get them checked out if anything feels unusual or you feel there is less stopping power.

-Exterior and interior lights - check that all lights work, most importantly the turn signals, brake lights, and headlights.

-Wheels and rims - check for damage that might cause an imbalance. 

-Steering - check for unusual play or difficulties and ensure power steering fluid is topped up.  


Routine Checks 


These checks are part of the scheduled maintenance you likely get with annual maintenance, oil changes, and tune-ups. Have a licensed mechanic or certified technician perform them.

-Brakes: in-depth - check condition of brake pads and mechanical components 

-Engine oil and filter changes - regular oil and filter changes ensure your engine doesn't need unnecessary repairs later. 

-ECM Download - Occasionally this requires a software update. 

-Fuel system - check that oil and debris aren't in your fuel supply. Also check your fuel system, including filter and injectors, is allowing your engine to run at peak efficiency.

-Cooling system - a more thorough check of the hoses and fittings of the cooling system than in your daily checks.

-Suspension - ensure all parts of your suspension are in good working order. 

-Alignment - check the steering alignment to ensure balanced wear on the tires and better control.

-Undercarriage and frame - check that all mechanical parts can move freely. Check bushing and grommets for signs of wear and replace if necessary.

-Engine and transmission mounts - check to ensure mounts are still firm and holding well. 

-Annual inspection - CVIP inspections are required annually by Alberta Transportation. These can alert you to problems you might have missed.

-Dyno - using a dyno can identify missing horsepower and loss of performance or fuel economy. This helps ensure your truck is operating at peak efficiency. 


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