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Edmonton Trailer Sales Timmins Trailers For Sale in Acheson Alberta

Looking for Timmins Trailers For Sale in Acheson, Alberta? Look no further than Edmonton Tralers. Browse our inventory to find the trailer you are looking for. The logging industry employs a wide variety of tools, equipment, and trucks. But one thing that is quite essential to the job at hand is the use of logging trailers. Without these heavy-duty trailers, you wouldn't get far in the industry. That's what makes Timmins trailers so essential to doing the job so effectively. From its wide bed to the sturdy axle, you will have the ability to haul the things you need for work. A logging truck or timber lorry is a big part of what you need when conveying logs. This enormous truck is constructed using flatbeds, some of which are discrete tractor units, while others are partnered with a dollied trailer pulled behind it. More often than not, you'll have more than one trailer joined together to make the work easier.

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There are two main types of logging trucks -- those used in rough terrain where the timberland is felled and those used for transporting loads on ordinary roads and streets. Since driving on primarily rough terrain may be difficult when in a truck with the wrong weight balances or suspension, it's critical to have a durable yet lighter trailer with up to nine axles to provide good ground weight and proper footing. When purchasing your next Timmins trailer, check out our supply Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing LTD. Let's look at some of the Timmins trailers for sale in Alberta.

2019 Timmins 4-axle

Timmins 4-axle

This 60-inch axle spread gives the trailer the width to stack the logs you'll need for those bigger jobs. The 4-axle trailer offers Q-type brakes essential when pulling a load down steep hills or windy roads.

The overall width of the 2019 Timmins 4-axle logger is 10 feet and 6 inches, which will be enough to haul several logs or pole wood for cutting. There are six log bunks on the trailer for convenience. You won't need to worry about loose logs slipping away with this system.

The 1/8-inch checker plate flooring ensures sturdiness as you lug the heavy loads on and off the trailer, while the Gladhand protector and tow hitch make for easy setup and hauling.

2019 Timmins Super B Logger

Timmins Super BLoggers

With 10-foot wide bunks, you'll have the necessary equipment for the job. Air Ride suspension provides a seamless ride for the hauling job, while premium Firestone tires won't let you down when riding on rough terrain. The Timmins Super B Logger has aluminum wheels and utilizes drum brakes. Discover the phenomenal 9'6" Axles ready to assist with those big loads. Other features include:

  • Lift/Steer Axle
  • Tri-Drive ready
  • Rear lift Molly

Timmins Trailer Financing and Leasing in Acheson, AB

Stop by Edmonton Trailer Sales & Leasing LTD to find your new Timmins Trailer today. With our friendly sales associate standing by ready to assist you, you're sure to find the perfect match to help in your logging work. We can do it all for you whether you want to purchase or rent. Get in touch with us today! Fill out our form below for more details.

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